Dirty Doubles: Entertainer Dopplegangers

I almost didn’t do this post. Then I figured “What the hell. It’s a nice change of pace from copyright law and corporate press releases.” So here you go.

Apparently, many mainstream actresses/singers/etc. have a “Pornstar Doppleganger”. And some dude out there compiled a photo-essay illustrating fourty six such pairs. 46. Two score and six. That’s a lot.

Here’s one:


And there’s 46 more! Other than the few who appeared on Entourage (Jesse Jane, Teagan Presly), I didn’t recognize any of the porn “stars”. Of course, I also didn’t recognize many of the legit entertainers either, and in a few cases, if it weren’t for the layout, I wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. (Arianny Celeste/Audri Bitoni. Apparently only one of them is a porn star.)

My main reaction, though, isn’t to criticize the comparisons — some pretty close, some not — but to wonder: what sort of knowledge base do you have to acquire to not only recognize this as a thing, but to accumulate 46 separate examples of it?

Doesn’t that require… er… extensive experience “in the field”, as it were? A thorough, nay encyclopedic knowledge of the subject? And, after having exerted all the effort necessary to acquire that extensive experience, why would you go and publicize it?

“Hi! Here’s ample evidence of what my favorite hobby is! Don’t you want to know more?”

No I don’t. Not even a little bit. I know too much already.

In any case, usual disclaimers apply: no nakedity at the link, but an obviously NSFW subject matter, so just don’t go defiling your work computers with all the scandalous headshots, okay?

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