Please, Dear God, Can I Fail As Hard As Apple?

So, the Apple TV is Apple’s little set-top box that could. Described as a hobby by Steve Jobs himself, and largely derided as a failure by the tech press, Eddy Cue (Apple’s exec in charge of services) recently revealed that they’ve sold 20 million of the little black boxes. Apple TV’s revenue is over a billion dollars a year.

A billion. With a “B”. $1,000,000,000 dollars.

Ever wonder how Apple can afford Beats Audio for $3 billion? That’s three years revenue for one of Apple’s “failures”. Every single company in Silicon Valley (and many more scattered across the rest of the planet) is hoping they can fail that big.

Just another reminder that tech pundits are all too often clueless and easily distracted by the shiny. Quiet and steady growth isn’t as entertaining as flashy demos and loud announcements of not-yet-shipping products, but it’s what matters in the end.

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