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Gotham High Would Have Sucked, JL8 Rules The Whole Entire Universe

Gotham High was a stillborn concept of Bruce Wayne as high school freshman, 14 years old and everything, and all his friends and enemies went to the same high school. The concept stills (posted by the creators at the link) are interesting and inspired, but the series seems like it wouldn’t have really worked.

JL8, on the other hand, is a weekly webcomic about the Justice League of America… as 8-year-olds. And it is amazingly, outstandingly, incredibly good:

Okay, that doesn’t prove the comic is any good, but it does perfectly encapsulate the essence of the strip: Bruce, Clark, Hal, Diana, and the rest of the Justice League as children in the same Elementary school class, aptly childlike but still utterly themselves.

They’re little kids, but they’re still superheroes. If the JLA were children, JL8 is who they’d be. And it rules the whole entire universe. So there.

Give it a read, is my suggestion. Now. Or I’ll give Barry some more candy.