Idiocy In Action: Korean War Edition

People are idiots. And here’s the latest exhibit:

Idiocy In Action

That’s a Korean War memorial, erected in Ohio recently. What’s wrong, you ask? Soldiers dressed in modern uniforms, not Korean War era unis. An M-1 tank, which didn’t first enter service until 30 years after Korea. F-16’s, also from the 1980’s. A UH-1 Huey helicopter, from Vietnam, almost a decade later.

Frankly, given the level of historical accuracy, I’m surprised one of the soldiers isn’t carrying an iPhone and playing Candy Crush Saga. It’s like shooting a WWII movie, but having the Joes carry M-16’s.

Oh yeah, and apparently the monument is based on a series of photos found by Googling “Korean War”, then Photoshopped together. So, you know, the artist also has rampant plagiarism going for him.

Jesus Diaz, on Sploid, counted no less than 10 major historical errors (give it a read, it’s insane). And, of course, no one is responsible, the company who made the monument is still getting paid, and people are fucking idiots.

I think I’ve made my case.

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