Video Game Archaeology: The Final Resting Place Of Atari’s “E.T.”

Oh yeah. The most infamous video game in history. The game that killed the Atari 2600 console, killed the company that made the console, and killed the video games industry, causing a 97% drop in sales of video games and game consoles, industry-wide.

Atari’s “E.T.” from 1982. The worst video game in history.

(Allegedly. Though “Mass Effect 3” is pretty close.)

This game was so bad, and sold so poorly, Atari was forced to bury 728,000 unsold cartridges in a landfill in New Mexico. The dump site itself was lost for 3 decades even as the story of the mass burial became a legend.

Just last week, makers of a documentary about video games rediscovered the “E.T.” landfill and retrieved several hundred cartridges of the infamous relic from underneath mounds of trash and detritus. The AP was there, covering the excavation, and you can find their story at the link.

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