“Thunderstruck” By Cellos

(And it’s Day 5 of the Mad Music-O-Rama! Otherwise known as Music Week, here at the House of Geekery.)

After yesterday’s fully geeky Game of Thrones rap album, you can be forgiven for thinking that it’d be hard for me to follow it up. Well, you’re wrong. (Of course.)

I proffer a link to a Youtube video. (Only a link because WordPress wants $80 US to let me host animated GIF’s and videos, and because of security won’t let me embed the video like every other damn site on the Internet can. “Security”, right. Not money at all. “Security.” So I link, because that’s all I can do.)

Where was I? Oh yes.

I proffer a link to a Youtube video. It’s a pair of Croatian musicians, performing a energetic acoustic rendition of AC/DC’s Hard Rock classic, “Thunderstruck”.

On cellos.

And that’s it.

Just two cellos.

And absolutely nothing else.

It’s awesome. It’s the only time the phrase “face-melting cello duet” could ever be plausibly used (without breaking the English language in two first).

How awesome? I bought the 2Cellos “Thunderstruck” single (their band name is 2Cellos) on iTunes, after seeing the video. Then I bought their first album, their other singles, and their second album. I spent a sizable percentage of the “video hosting” money on their awesome music. That’s how awesome I think it is.

Elton John agrees. After their first Youtube video — a performance of Guns ‘N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” — went viral, they got a record contract (playing rock ‘n roll on cellos, mind you) and Elton John signed them as his opening act on last year’s tour. Yes, that Elton John. He also appeared on their second album.

So, if you want to see what two mad Croatians can do with two cellos, playing Hard Rock music like mad motherfucking geniuses, click here. And more 2Cellos hard rock, G’n’R style, here. And their album, on iTunes, here.

It’s awesome.

“How awesome?”

“So awesome.”

Even so.

One thought on ““Thunderstruck” By Cellos”

  1. I’ve seen their videos before on YouTube. They’re talented, good-looking, and very charismatic in concert. I’m certain that they’re going to do OK out of this cello playing thing.

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