Star Wars Posters From Around The Globe

Alrighty, let’s rummage around in the big bag of 100 Unused Geekery Links* and pull out…

Star Wars posters from around the globe! (I hope the headline didn’t give it away.)

And not your normal, everyday, ordinary posters. Nope. There’s some real weird shit here. Like this beaut, from Hungary.

Star Wars Poster, Hungary
Is that, like, a frog?

Oh yeah, that’s really Star Wars. (See Lucas’ name, near the top?) So click on the link and enjoy the weirdness!

* 100 unused links? Not technically true. It’s actually 150, or more if you count links waiting in emails and the 30 or so I dumped off into my bookmarks folder (thanks, winston!). Yup, there’s that many. We’ll get to them. Eventually.

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