Catching A Bullet… In Your Hands

Superman does it, Ozymandias did it, and Penn & Teller made a career off it: catching bullets in their hands.  Now “what if?” shows you how you can do it.

(Kinda. Sorta. If you don’t get shot first.)

(As an aside, “what it?” is one of the most unpopular links I showcase here, even when they did something like “Can you make a jetpack from AK47’s? Yes.” Not sure why. That seems like a must-click link to me. Maybe if I phrased it like “One Weird Trick To Fly With AK-47’s”. Click-whore masters Buzzfeed would know.)

(A smart man would focus on more popular links, like Sexy Joker Cosplay Girls. (In a just universe, that’d be a Rickroll.) But I have more integrity than that. Fanservice is fanservice, but I’ll not stoop to including random salacious links just because. Nope. Not me. (Plus, the salaciousness isn’t even that good. Any random Sexy Harley Quinn cosplay post is better.))

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