The Last Three Talents [GiTO]

This is my last GiTO post for a long while. I’ve decided that, for now, it’s best to focus on ∞ Infinity, to get the system into a runnable state. So enjoy these last few tidbits of information about the Outlaw.

Augmentation – All people have chakras, where magical energies (called prana) pool. Shadow warriors tap into these energies and use them to augment their bodies, minds, and spirits. (Corresponding to the material, energetic, and ephemera elements.) This takes years of intense study with Prana Masters, and discipline far beyond that of mundane people.

Augments, in contrast, use technomagic devisements to achieve the same end. The devisements are implanted into their body, on the sites of the 5 chakras (the forehead, heart, liver, and both hands), and corral the prana energies therein, allowing the augment to duplicate the abilities of shadow warriors.

These devisements are made of hair-thin circuits, inlaid into the bone. They are, of course, powered with power taps, using firegold and frostsilver. (Theoretically, other paired enchanted metals could be used, like cold iron and searing lead, but searing lead is poisonous to the mage races and cold iron is poisonous to the three Shidhe races — fae, trolls, and wisps.)

Gunmages are a specific variety of augments, with powers oriented towards firearms. The best gunmages have also developed their enchanting Talent, allowing them to make magical firearms that operate as part of their body.

On both cases, the technologies of Earth work with the magical knowledge of the Beyond to create something neither world has ever seen before.

Spellcasting — This entry is, thankfully, short. Other than new spells — Tire Tear, to immobilize vehicles — spellcasting hasn’t changed at all on Earth. Earthers have made new Traditions, exploring magic in their own, ahem, unique ways, but the fundamental principles are exactly the same.

Technoshamanism — The Shadow World is the realm of the ephemera. It is unimaginably vast, and in it are an unknowable number of Shadow Realms and spirit beings. The Spirit Realms and the Shadow World are peopled by hundreds of thousands or millions of varieties of spirits, in numbers akin to the atoms in a galaxy.

It’s a big place. There are a lot of types of spirits. And a lot, a lot, a lot of individual spirits.

Some are selfish, others friendly and helpful. Some are great in power and grace, akin to angels, others great in malevolence, like unto demons. Some are indifferent to the material world, preferring their own Shadow Realms, and some are so alien, so incomprehensible, that they are inimical to life as we know it, just because of who they are.

Sorcerers are spirit masters. Their magical Talent is to sense the presence of spirits, in the material world or the Shadow World, and draw them to the sorcerer. There, they can negotiate bargains with them, or possibly compel the spirit to obey. Spirits can perform tasks for the sorcerer, or even grant them abilities beyond what mortals could normally achieve.

Spirits can leave the Shadow World and enter the material plane. There they can infest inanimate objects, or even possess animals and people. Sorcerers can expel those spirits, ejecting them back into the Shadow World.

On Earth, spirits can also possess machines. They can control the machine, as if it were their body, partially or completely. They can wreck the machine or just cause small malfunctions. (The weaker the spirit, the less it can accomplish.)

The reason airplanes are greatly shunned? A race of spirits who infest them and cause great calamities.

Technoshamans are focused on dealing with such spirits, exorcising machines or warding them against possession. Many couple their magical knowledge with technical skills as a driver and mechanic, so they can more readily differentiate between a normal malfunction and a lurking malform.

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