Origins of Earthly Magic [GiTO]

Magic has been known and practiced for more than 15,000 years, since before the founding of the Empire of Atlantis. The Five Talents were first discovered among the Atlanteans, and formed the backbone of their strength. It is said that, at the height of their power, there were more archmages in Atlantis than stars in the sky. (But storytellers and songwriters are outrageous liars, and often found in their cups, so this is probably untrue.)

When the empire collapsed, and Atlantis was left uninhabited and demon-haunted (occurring all in a single night, the storytellers say), the four races of Cienvue took up the mantle of magic. For 10,000 years, during the rise and fall of kingdom after kingdom, during periods of drought and famine, during times of war and civil strife, the four races knew the Talents, used the Talents, and plumbed their uttermost depths.

Or so they thought.

On Earth were great workings of mundane craft undreampt of in the imaginations of all the storytellers and songwriters of all the races. Outrageous liars they might be, but none had imagined anything so outrageous as personal computers, electricity, firearms, plastics, automobiles, or cellphones. All of these things were new, and being new they stretched the bounds of what magic was capable of.

In great ways and small ways, the technologies of Earth warped magic. They gave birth to technomagic, which uses imbuing to create new and more flexible devisements (and ways to make them). Cracking, which is computer hacking via the Shadow World. Augments, which use technomagic devisements for augmentations. Technoshamanism, which is sorcery applied to spirits who inhabit machines, vehicles, and other technological works. And last, spellcasting, which hasn’t changed all that much, but the presence of technology allows for rafts of new and interesting spells that can be cast on machines, electronic devices, firearms, and other Earthly inventions.

Taken together, the 14 years since the Emergence has seen more advances, more upset in magical theories and practices than the preceding 14 millennia. No one knows what the end result of this revolution will be, not magicians or priests, not scientists or technicians, and not the storytellers and songwriters. (Outrageous liars though they be.)

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