Augmentation [GiTO]

Augmentation – Magic flows through our bodies and pools in our chakras. Shadow warriors (those who have developed their augmentation Talent) can tap into their chakras, and use them to augment their natural abilities: making themselves stronger, faster, quieter, and so forth.

In Earther terms, shadow warriors are martial artists with supernatural powers that make them faster than any human could ever be, stronger than a normal human can manage, and quieter than an especially sneaky cumulo-nimbus cloud. Some shadow warriors can hear things from miles off, see through walls, even fly. Their abilities are innate, they require no ritual to activate nor devisement to operate. Shadow warriors are far less versatile than spellcasters and technomages, however.

Developing these abilities requires intense studies and vows. There are dozens of shadow warrior Schools, and each has their own moral code and required vows. Shadow warriors are highly disciplined, and practiced in meditation and physical exercises (which help them master the energies in their chakras).

The Talents On Earth

The five mage Talents have been known for millennia among the Beyonders, and their limits were well understood. Most believed these limits to be intrinsic to the magic itself. The Emergence proved them wrong.

On Earth, each of the Talents found new applications and took new forms. Sorcerers became technoshamans, enchanters became technomages, and the shadow walkers became crackers, magical computer hackers.

I’ll talk about those forms of magic next.

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