Shadow Walking and Sorcery [GiTO]

The next two Talents are intimately related, as both deal with the realm of mists and shadows known as the Shadow World.

Shadow Walking – Shadow walkers can sense the otherworldly Shadow World, and even project their mind into the mists to traverse its shifting, ethereal terrain (traveling, in spirit, to the many Spirit Realms of the shadows). They can (after much training) even use the ever-shifting mists to discern truths about the natural world and the Shadow World (a technique called divining).

(Most walkers have to study intently to become diviners. Fae are natural diviners, and must study intently to learn shadow walking.)

Technomagical devisements and spells also allow people to enter the Shadow World (but not divine), but walkers can do things in shadow that no one else can. They can find and enter Shadow Realms, and even have a measure of control over the realm itself. They can fight spirits and monsters of the mists, even detect and disrupt burgeoning vortexes.

They can gain information about the material realm, by divining the shifting mists. Diviners can sense from afar, being able to listen to conversations from miles away. They can find lost objects, learn truths about a person or thing, and gather information of all kinds, all by consulting the mists. (This is much easier when they can see the target in the flesh.)

As all magic is of the Shadow World, while divining walkers can sense and disrupt spells, magical items, and the abilities of some Emerged creatures. The mental state of creatures disturbs the energies of the Shadow World, and walkers can see those currents while divining. They can even guess at what emotions or sensations people are feeling. Strangest of all, by divining the mists, they can catch glimpses of purported pasts and possible futures.

Shadow walking is not a conscious, intellectual discipline. It relies entirely on intuition and hunches. It is the rarest of the mage Talents.

Sorcery – The Shadow World is populated by spirits of every variety and description, some hostile, some helpful, others too alien to understand. These spirits dwell in a series of Spirit Realms, or in the mists themselves. Some spirits have emerged from the Shadow World and taken up residence in the physical realm.

Sorcerers have the innate ability to sense, contact, and communicate with spirits. They can summon a spirit from the Shadow World into the physical realm, or banish one back to the mists. Through negotiation or compulsion, they can even gain the aid of spirits, which allows them to do incredible things.

Sorcerers are usually friendly and ingratiating, though often stubborn. They have a quick and subtle mind, and are expert at negotiating contracts, both to insert innocuous clauses which nevertheless undermine the intent of the contract, and to prevent the same. (Spirits are inextricably bound by the terms of a contract, and have a vested interest in being tough and wily negotiators.) Sorcerers who also train as lawyers are respected and hated in courts across the continent.

Tomorrow, Augmentation.

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