Spellcasting and Imbuing [GiTO]

These are two of the five Talents, as they existed in the Beyond. Though uncommon in the Outlaw, there are still many Beyonders who practice these abilities on a daily basis. (“Practice” as in “use professionally”.) I’ll talk about the Earther equivalents of these, the new form these Talents took, later.

Spellcasting – Spellcasting is the most common Talent, and the easiest for Earthers to grasp. You say the right words, wiggle your fingers, and boom! something happens.

Spellcasters must follow the laws of Contagion, Similarity, and Identification to cast spells, though each Tradition has their own specific iterations of this. In one Tradition, the number 6 must be used in a binding spell, as it represents imprisonment, in another you must use miniature metal shackles. The symbolism differs from one Tradition to another, but all obey the three laws.

Most spellcasters are, of necessity, scholars of the abstract and symbological — they need to study the correspondences of their Tradition to master its magic. People with the spellcasting Talent are called maguses.

Imbuing – Imbuing is the magical talent of enchanting items, for example to create magical swords, wands, rings, and so forth. (Such an item is called a “devisement”.) Magicians with this Talent are known as enchanters or thaumaturgists.

Enchanters are above all craftsmen. To imbue magic into a sword, the magician has to forge it himself, from raw materials. The act of creation allows the magic to flow into the devisement, permanently linking the two. (All spells are temporary, they all eventually fade. Imbuing is permanent.)

Thaumaturgists are students of the material world. To craft devisements, they must know and master all of the various substances and their interactions. They must also learn which substances are better suited for specific enchantments, as using those substances makes the devisement more potent. They alone master the secrets of the strange substances of the Beyond, like liquid cold. (That is, the energy of cold (or contra-heat), as distilled into a liquid form.)

Enchanters don’t have Schools or Traditions. Facts are facts, and either a substance works for a specific purpose, or it doesn’t. Obsessing over symbological minutia is foolish and a waste of time. The material world doesn’t respond to symbols, only craft and skill.

I’ll talk about Shadow Walking and Sorcery tomorrow.

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