Magic in The Outlaw [GiTO]

As long as we’re on the subject of magic…

Just last week, I put together some introductory posts for a new venue. They contain information compiled from previous posts, rewritten and integrated, with some new info. They’re informative enough to post here. I’ll start with:

Magic in The Outlaw

Magic permeates the Beyond, that alien world of monsters, mages, and magic. It emanates from the Shadow World, an unearthly and quicksilver plane of gray mists and deep shadows. (Imagine a sandstorm, at night, dimly lit by a full moon.)

When the vortexes opened, magic Emerged on Earth. Energies from the Shadow World inundated Earth, spirits from the Shadow World entered our plane of existence, and magicians could now work magic anywhere on our planet. So long as a single vortex remains open, this remains the case.

There are five different methods for people to work magic: augmentation, imbuing, shadow walking, sorcery, and spellcasting. These are called “the five Talents”, and each manipulates the energies of the Shadow World in a different way. Each functions differently — different laws, different capabilities, different limitations. Characteristics that apply to one Talent do not bind the others.

These abilities are called “Talents” for a reason: they are innate capacities, that you have to train to use effectively. People can be born with them, or can develop their latent Talents later, but everyone must learn how to channel them.

Developing a Talent requires significant devotion and focus. Few develop even one Talent (save among the fae), rarer still they who develop two. Those who develop all five are known as archmages, and they are personages of legendary power. There have been no archmages among the Beyonders for well over five centuries.

These are not the only types of magic. There are dozens, maybe hundreds. Dragons have their own magic, and True Dragons have yet another. Ghouls and vampires have come under the sway of yet another form of magic, an anthrophagy curse. Archmages — magicians who mastered the five human Talents — were said to have their own magic, but as no archmage has arisen in the last five centuries, that cannot be verified.

All magicians draw upon the energies of the Shadow World to work magic. How they do so, what they can do with those energies, and what limitations they operate under define their Talent.

I’ll start posting details on the five Talents tomorrow.

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