Fanservice! With Hot Cosplay Girls

So I stumbled across a link purporting to list the 10 Hottest Cosplay Girls. It was pretty cool. The amount of detail and effort people put into their costumes is amazing. Plus, you know, the hotness.

Unfortunately, it was on a “men’s site”. Which is, apparently, the quintessence of fratboy heaven: beer, bad comedy, and babes. (But no nudity.)

And since I felt ashamed about linking to such a site, I went grubbing around on the Internet until I found this totally different “Top 10 Hottest Cosplay Girl Photos In The World!” It wasn’t on a men’s site, and it wasn’t a 20-page slideshow.

So, you know, that’s how much I respect my audience: I looked at fully half a dozen different lists of hot cosplay women, photo after hot cosplay gal photo, until I found one I could link to. Because I care.

(Possible NSFW warning: Link has no nudity, but scantily clad cosplay gals, so it’s probably… dammit, you’re reading a geek site, you should know what cosplay costumes tend to look like by now. They look like that, so that’s probably NSFW.)

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