Game Publisher Does The Right Thing

Ashes Cricket 2013 is — oddly enough — a cricket videogame, released on Steam. Reportedly, it’s a big ol’ piece of heaving crap.

Who says so? The publisher, who cancelled the game, pulled it from Steam, apologized to basically everyone on the planet, and is refunding people’s money.

That’s a real class act: recognizing your mistakes, and making good on it. Good job, guys.

And here’s my own little anecdote on publisher virtue: I bought the Collector’s Edition of GTA V on the Xbox. My Xbox died, and I bought a PS3-GTA V bundle. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any Collector’s Edition content. So I emailed them and asked politely. After a long while, they sent me a PSN store code for the Collector’s Edition content.

Did they have to? Nope. Could you criticize them if they didn’t? Nope. But they did it anyway, earning my admiration for their willingness to help a customer out.

Thanks, Rockstar.

One thought on “Game Publisher Does The Right Thing”

  1. I’d read about this game. There’s a pretty funny video, on IGN I think I saw it, where they play this for about 40 mins. I use the word ‘play’ very loosely. It is truly broken. I wonder if the makers of Fighter Within, an Xbox One release title, will do the same? Eurogamer gave it 1/10 in one of the funniest reviews I’ve ever read. The tag line to the review alone is reason enough to seek it out.

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