Xbox One Review (And Thoughts Inspired By Same)

Not nearly so legendary as the PS4 review, but it covers something I found interesting: voice commands. Apparently, the Kinect is useless except for the voice commands, which let you bypass the mostly useless XB1 GUI.

Set the stupidity of that sentence aside, and follow my trail of thoughts:

  1. Apple TV.
  2. 1080p.
  3. A7 (or better).
  4. App store.
  5. iOS game controller API’s.
  6. Gestures.
  7. Siri.

“Siri, launch ‘Angry Birds’.”

Huh, could be.

And, oh yeah: yearly hardware & software updates. Would supercharge the console wars, I think. Or, possibly, disrupt the marketplace.

Microsoft and Sony are playing the same game Nintendo pioneered in the 1980’s, generation after generation. Each generation, a radical change in processors, architecture, and so forth, then no significant changes for 5-8 years. That’s an eternity, in Moore’s Law terms — 16x performance gains.

If they moved to a yearly cycle, then the OS could develop gradually and improve constantly, backwards compatibility would be a no-brainer, and the machines would get better, meaning people might upgrade every couple of years. That’s what happens for iPads, which are more expensive than most consoles.

But the two giants won’t do this, unless forced. And enter — or so I speculate — Apple.

Yearly hardware and software upgrades. Robust content ecosystem. Tens of thousands of rabid developers, including EA and other giants. Millions of eager customers.

Even if the Apple TV hardware was inferior to the PS4/XB1 stuff — and it would be inferior — Apple could still disrupt the marketplace. If people started buying a revamped and continually upgraded Apple TV with an integrated App Store… well, that could get ugly real quick.

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