One Last Thing… (GiTO)

Maybe one last thing about Xiyatu…

The dragons are not nice beings. They are not kind, they are not generous, they are not paternal.

They are greedy, calculating, and pitiless. Humans are tools, and they no more grieve for their loss than a you would for losing a screw.

(At the same time, they are not sadists. They don’t glory in human pain or suffering. They don’t torture for the sake of torture, torment for the sake of torment, or play with their food. They are indifferent, not malevolent.)

The dragons increased freedom in the city, because it fit with their goals. They ensured the security of the city-state, because their plans required it. They foster economic development (which brings jobs and a measure of prosperity) because they need a prosperous domain.

None of this is done out of the kindness of their hearts. Dragon hearts have no kindness.

When dragons bargain with you, it is solely because it suits them. If it suited, they would kill you just as easily.

Do not romanticize them, do not mistake them, do not forget what you are dealing with: an entirely inhuman mind, utterly bereft of human emotions. Utterly bereft of humanity.

10 thoughts on “One Last Thing… (GiTO)”

  1. No. Ming just came to mind with the way he looked at humans like bugs Probably I was still thinking of Dale Arden from the 25 sci-fi babes so Flash Gordon was on my mind…

  2. Oh. Well, I was kind of thinking that. :)

    You know, I haven’t seen “Flash Gordon” since I saw it in the theater, way back when. Back then, I thought it was pretty awesome. I wonder what I’d think today.

    It’s got Timothy Dalton and Brian Blessed in it, so it can’t be all bad, right?

  3. It’s not all bad. That’s not to say it’s all good. The costumes were… interesting.
    I do wonder why it never spawned a sequel. They even left the opportunity open with the Ming laughter over the credits. At least I think it was in the credits. Can’t remember exactly. I do remember owning at least one continuation novel, so someone was thinking of more stories in the same universe.

  4. As the movie was (loosely) based on the Flash Gordon comic strips and movie serials, there was certainly enough material for them to continue, had the movie been successful.

    Of course, the most memorable part of the movie — other than Brian Blessed, who I have a soft spot for (see Black Adder series 1) — was the Queen soundtrack. “Flash! Aah-aaaaaah! Savior of the Universe!” Classic.

  5. “Of course, the most memorable part of the movie — other than Brian Blessed, who I have a soft spot for (see Black Adder series 1) — was the Queen soundtrack.”

    And here I was thinking you were going to say Ornella Muti aka Princess Aura.

  6. :) I remember that she was pretty… but that’s about it. (I was way too young to know what “hot” or “femme fatale” meant.)

    Now, Princess Ardala (who starred in a different sci-fi movie based on an old comic series and movie serials), I remember. ‘Course, that may be because she got most of an American TV season to star in. (Wilma Deering was hotter, though and got more screen time.) Oddly enough, the same actress played in the original Rollerball, another great B-movie sci-fi flick (starring James Caan). The two characters overlap quite a bit, hazards of typecasting I guess.

  7. In the article the writer said he wasn’t including Wilma Deering because he was only looking at movies, but (and someone else points this out in the comments) Buck Rogers did get a cinema release in some areas. I certainly saw it in the cinema in Oz.

    I also remember seeing the early Spider-man TV movies in the cinema. They’re probably amazing only in their cheapness, but to the kid me, they were very exciting!

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