Most Art Is Pretentious Crap

Another reason why video games should never be art: “I’m sick of pretending; I don’t ‘get’ art.”

I’m like, 99% sure that nobody’s ACTUALLY into art and it’s just some exclusive club you can only join if you’ve got more money than interesting things to communicate to the rest of the human species.

The funny thing is, this is not written by one of us nekulturny barbarians. It’s written by a dude who went to art school.


4 thoughts on “Most Art Is Pretentious Crap”

  1. I agree with the part about most people not actually being into art, I have grown up around art my whole life and going to college practically changed my whole believe in being able to be an artist because I soon learnt that all that mattered was if someone put a chair in the middle of a room and a rich person bought it; which inevitably made you rich and thus then you can also enter that inner sanctum. What ever happened to creating something beautiful? And giving the world something to look at, It is yet another beautiful hobby/lifestyle soiled by people with loads of money.

    The only bit I don’t agree with is that “videogames” Are not art, just because I play them and I do believe that the imagery you play in game is beautiful and the amount of work and effort that goes into a videogame is tremendous; the designing of each scene, character is to me as good as a scenery which was painted. The only difference is the medium which they chose :) I really liked this blog and will like, keep blogging! :)

  2. Welcome to the site! Always glad to see new people.

    “Videogames are art”: If by “art”, people mean the modern definition (that has held since 1920’s), then I don’t want videogames to become art.

    Modern art is deliberately inaccessible, and more concerned with being “daring”, by which they mean “in opposition to bourgeois values”. Hence why the Columbine shooter — in which the player plays Klebold and Harris, hunting down innocent children and murdering them — is considered “art”.

    Inaccessible and offensive computer games would fail at being games. They wouldn’t be any fun.

    I love craft, beauty, and insight. I love to see them in games. Skyrim’s scenery was breathtaking, and the care Rockstar took in making the world of GTA V come to life is intimidating. I’d love to see more of this.

    But most modern art doesn’t value craft, beauty, or insight. And when people suggest that games become modern art, I say HELL NO!

    Not that I have an opinion or anything. ;)

  3. I agree very good comment, I love the scenery in skyrim also the world of warcraft patch of mist of pandaria was again beautifully designed.

    Modern art has unmistakably become something that young artists feel they need to do to become a “success” Hopefully we will see a turn in the future and some of the modern art which gives a bad name will become just a distant memory. And more people will start to respect art for it’s craft and beauty in the future, instead of only thinking about the money.

    Thanks for the warm welcome :)

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