Dragons of the Beyond (GiTO)

So, let’s talk dragons.

Dragons are mythical creatures, even to Beyonders. The continent of Cienvue, where the Beyonder races — trolls, fae, alfar, and wisps — originate is analogous to Australia — geographically isolated and biologically discrete. Many strains of creatures exist only on Cienvue, and many of the creatures emerging from vortexes (the most monstrous and horrific strains) originate on other continents, and are wholly unknown to the Beyonders.

The first time Beyonders encountered draconic races was on Earth. They existed in myths, but if dragons had ever lived on Cienvue it was before the rise of the Atlantean Dominion, some 20,000 years ago. All that we know of dragons has come from encounters with them on Earth.

The are many different strains of dragons, hundreds, maybe thousands. Of these, less than a hundred strains are True Dragons or Great Dragons, dragons capable of spellcasting (crafting and using spells).

True Dragons are larger (house-sized or more), longer-lived, and more intelligent than the other strains (being as intelligent or more intelligent than humans). They cannot be tamed or domesticated (unlike, for example, the drakons of Europe).

Great Dragons are long lived, on the order of 500 years or so, but eventually will die. Great Dragons are the size of dinosaurs, and well-armored to boot. In the myths of the Beyond, dragons were unkillable, but experiences on Earth have shown this to be false. They can be killed, just not very easily.

A big enough explosion (for example, from a cruise missile), being shot by large enough rounds (30mm depleted uranium rounds from a GAU-8/A minigun seem to do the trick), and other massive amounts of damage seem sufficient. Lacking these, Great Dragons are effectively immune to physical and magical trauma.

Great Dragons are opponents to be feared. They are, as individuals, nearly invulnerable to personal weapons and spells. More, they are at least capable spellcasters, and very often maguses of great renown.

They are cunning, intelligent (for the most part), and acquisitive. Humans are pawns, to them, pieces to be manipulated to achieve their ends.

More, they are not solitary creatures, as a rule. Great Dragons travel in clutches, and pissing off one means you have, in all likelihood, pissed off 4-6 other nearly-unkillable, genius level, dinosaur-sized, armored flying death machines.

Life expectancy, in such cases, is rather low.

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