Xiyatu: The Chinese City-State (GiTO)

In the aftermath of the Collapse, the rest of the world began to see America the same way they once saw Africa: as a global backwater, riven by tribal divisions and endemic warfare, its various nations ruled by a collection of corrupt dictators, barbarism run amuck. Many of the country’s largest cities were emptied, abandoned, and there was no semblance of national military, transportation, or trade.

China, in contrast, managed to hold onto a functioning government. Six of them, in fact, fighting a bloody series of civil wars. It wasn’t long before refugees looked to flee the slaughter.

To a distant, uninhabited land. A land without a national military. A land where whole cities stood abandoned, just waiting to be taken. A land where a colony of refugees had been established.

The Xiyatu refugees — “Xiyatu” being the Sinocization of “Seattle” — communicated with the homeland via radio, telling them of the peace and relative prosperity of Puget Sound and the surrounding territory. Seattle, the abandoned metropolis of the Pacific Northwest, became the chosen destination for refugees fleeing the slaughter.

In 2016, snakeheads — Chinese human smugglers — first began arranging for sea passage out of the Chinese warzones to the Americas. The first sizable numbers of refugees began arriving in 2017. By 2018, there were approximately 100,000.

In 2018, the Civil War turned against the Communist stalwarts. Driven back at every turn, the Communist leadership made preparations to deploy nuclear weapons against the rebels.

The generals of the Red Army intervened, and negotiated a settlement. In return for turning over China’s nuclear weapons, the nearly-defeated Communist Party leadership would be granted asylum — in Xiyatu.

Nearly a million Communist Party officials, their families, and hangers-on departed for the Chinese city-state. Along with them went tens of billions in gold and other valuables, as well as 250,000 Red Army soldiers, vehicles (including warships), and materiel: gasoline, weapons, and ammunition. Seattle had been colonized, and the Pacific Northwest had a new nation.

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