Xiyatu: The City of Dragons (GiTO)

Xiyatu, the City of Dragons, is the Shanghai of the Pacific Northwest. Built in the ruins of Seattle, the majority Chinese city is a welter of contradictions and impossibilities.

A high-tech, cramped cyberpunk city, ruled by seven draconic monarchs. The computing capitol of America, and the origin of all magic traditions in America, yet nearly bereft of technomagic. An economic powerhouse, utterly dependent on imports from Alaska, China, and the Fed.

Xiyatu is a weird, imposing, magical and technological city. The story of this paradoxical metropolis begins where all Outlaw tales begin: in Beijing, with Patient Zero.

The rotting plague killed a quarter of the population of China, roughly 350 million people. China was the first country stricken, and Beijing was the first city. The disease spread outwards rapidly from there, and after two months of contagion and death, the familiar wave of collapse and violence spread across the nation.

From the beginning, people panicked. Many tried to flee to other Asian countries — Russia, Mongolia, India — but thousands fled to America. Smuggled by snakeheads in cargo containers, tens of thousands of Chinese refugees arrived in ports along the West Coast, from Vancouver to Los Angeles. The plague arrived with them.

In a panic, the Federal Government ordered the refugees quarantined in a camp located in Fort Lewis, Washington. Eventually, some 50,000 Chinese refugees were settled there. Living in makeshift tents, with temporary facilities, the camp was ill-prepared for the harsh winter of 2015. Most of the refugees died.

The survivors, some 25,000, escaped during the Collapse, when the base security perimeter collapsed. Making their way north, most settled in Seattle.

Like all major cities of the Collapse, Seattle was almost wholly depopulated, a vast urban landscape empty of people. The Chinese refugees took up residence in the abandoned buildings, feeding themselves off fish and foraged food. They converted yachts and motorboats into sail-powered fishing vessels, rode bicycles scavenged from the city (many without tires), and adapted to their new life, a small group of people in a massive, empty city.

From this modest beginning, the city-state of Xiyatu would emerge to become one of the six major states of 2039 America.

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