Building the Outlaw (GiTO)

There are two main gameplay goals for the design of the Guns in The Outlaw world: to provide interesting material for players and GM’s, and to provide a variety of options for players and GM’s. Hence the several races, the 5 magical talents, the different polities, varied types of packs, and so forth.

Variety. Fascination.

As for the world itself, I’m trying to design it so that it feels plausible — enough like a world that could be real (given the fantastic conditions that exist) that people can accept it.

Trolls are born leaders, they draw others to them, and can motivate and inspire them. This is an ontological fact. Plausibility comes in when we consider the effects.

In the Beyond (in specific, the continent of Cienvue, where the mage races lived), trolls dominate war and politics. That makes sense. A race of people who are compelling leaders would dominate politics. That’s plausible.

This is the sort of relatable internal logic that I’m trying to build the rest of the setting around. Sometimes it’s working forward from a known event — “What effects would the rotting plague have?” — sometimes it’s trying to justify a cool idea — “Why do computers affect the shadow world?” — sometimes its just making two ideas fit together — “How are spellcasting, shadow walking, and enchanting related?” — and often it’s all three at the same time.

But no matter which I’m doing, I’m always working towards those dual goals — variety and fascination. The extent to which I can succeed, will mark the limit of the game being any damn good.

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