Adventures in The Outlaw [GiTO]

Last time, I wrote:

Next time, the posts should be more upbeat. Or, at least, deal with less thoroughly horrible subjects.

Whereupon “James Gillen” (over on TheRPGSite) suggested:

Blowing stuff up with machine guns and fireballs. :D

Hell, yes! :D

And treasure hunting in ancient ruins on the other side of portals to an alien and magical world.

And breaking into computers by entering a dimension of shadow and magic.

And running bootleg contraband past the New York Border Patrol, while driving a souped-up modern replica of the 1958 Packard Hawk (which has at least been modded with a technomagical camouflage system, so you’ll probably survive).

And tracking the last survivor of a bloodgang south, through the Mexicali Narco-kingdoms.

And bodyguarding a Chartered Company rep while he negotiates for trade rights (in Mandarin) with the clutch of dragons that rule Seattle.

Vortex-jumping underwater, off the coast of Cuban Florida.

Trying to rescue the passengers of a Dakota-manufactured Huey that crashed in the Black Hole of Oregon. (The so-called “Oregon Triangle”.)

Talking your way into a troll warlord’s camp, so you can bribe him with a chest of pre-plague Playboys.

Signing on for a suicide contract, to guard a tiny town from a brutal bezerkergang onslaught.

It’s a big world, and there’s a lot of bad things going on, which is why they need Guns. But this is an adventure game, not an exercise in grimdark misery tourism, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in The Outlaw [GiTO]”

  1. Killing stuff with machine guns = good.

    Killing stuff with fireballs = very good.

    Killing stuff with your enchanted machinegun that fires fully-automatic explosive skull-shaped fireballs = FWAKOOM-A-RIFFIC!!!

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