” ‘I’m an RPG-Kind-of-Girl’ Says Newly Crowned Miss World”

A headline so good, it just needed to be repeated. Miss World, who looks like this:

Miss World, basically being beautiful.
That’s her in the center.

plays Assassin’s Creed, Fable, and Pokémon.

Now, that first photo may have dazzled you so much, you didn’t really get what I was hinting at. So, just to make my point perfectly clear, I’m saying that she looks like this:

Dazzling beauty.
A little bit geekish.

and plays video games. Like, a lot.

What I mean to say, is that she looks like this:

Still got it.
Um. Wow.

and owns a gaming console. (Presumably a 360, not that it matters.)

So. That’s a gaming-console owning, Pokémon playing, not unattractive global beauty pageant winner.

And how was your day?

Oh right. There was an article about this. It was… wait… let me find it… here.

So yeah. Read the article or something.


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