Guns in The Construct [GiTO]

(Cracking, pt. 5)

First, some clarification.

Crackers can bend or break the laws of physics in a construct. In a specific way, in a small space, for a short period of time. They can unlock one door without picking the lock, they can’t unlock all doors. But doing so isn’t without cost.

Each time they warp reality, it sends out a pulse of energy, which construct security can notice. Too many pulses, and they can call for extra spirits, security shadowjackers, an Admin shadow walker, or even boot cycle the construct (which aborts the run).

So crackers need mundane skills as well: stealth, burglary, etc. Which isn’t a problem, because it means they are useful outside the Mesh. [Mesh computing is a real-world thing; it’s replaced the Internet in the Outlaw. See here.] The best crackers are the best burglars.

But suppose you’re not the best burglar. Or you just want more hands to help search the office building. Or suppose you just want some backup, for when security swarms. In those cases, smart crackers bring along team mates.

Shadowjacks are technomagical devisements that allow mundanes to enter a construct. (There is also a spell which can do the same, and spirits can also effect this.) And, because mundane skills are of use in the construct, they can genuinely help. They can pick locks, blow safes, search vaults, or fight security. Anything they can do in the real world, they can do in the construct. (Assuming the local laws of physics allow.)

(Re: Combat in the construct. For shadowjackers, death means a hard dump, and sometimes the destruction of the shadowjack. For crackers, death means… death. They like bringing backup along.)

A party without a cracker can still crack a construct, just not as easily. And a party with a cracker can help him crack. Either way, computer intrusion is not a solo module.

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