Cracking A Construct (GiTO)

(Cracking, pt. 4)

So, let’s break into a building. There’s a chain link fence, walls, doors, locks, elevators, offices, card scanners, cameras, and guards. All the normal security one would expect in a building.

You’re a group of thieves. You steal cards from guards, make copies of the keys, cut the power, sneak in. You use all your mundane skills: con, burglary, stealth, etc. If the patrolling guards catch you, you might have to fight. You shoot guns or tasers, or punch them out. All of this is normal.

Now, let’s crack a construct. (“Constructs” are the artificial reality worlds surrounding a node.) Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that this construct looks like… an office building.

It has… exactly the same things as a mundane office building. The same locks, cameras, guards, and on and on. (Except the guards in a construct are usually bound spirits.) And each of them works exactly like their mundane counterpart. You can pick the locks, unhook cameras, sneak past the guards. You use the same mundane skills in a construct that you’d use in the real world. That’s how you crack.

But shadow walkers have an edge. The laws of physics in a construct are inviolable and unchangeable. All entities (spirits and people) must follow them.

Except shadow walkers. Crackers can bend or break the laws of physics in a construct. They can see through walls, unlock the door with a wave of their hand, disrupt a keypad lock by willing it.

Crackers don’t have to follow the rules. They can change the rules, simply by willing it.

Crackers are Gods in the construct.

[Note: GiTO is an acronym for Guns in The Outlaw, a pen-and-paper RPG setting I’m putting together.]

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