A World In Flux (pt. 2)

(Cracking, pt. 2)

The world is changing. This is obvious, as the plague shattered the old order and the Emergence dumped a bunch of new stuff from the Beyond. What may not be obvious is this: it isn’t just our world that is changing.

Magic is a stable thing. Known for over 10,000 years, since the dominion of Atlantis, its nature, processes, and limits have been tried, tested, mapped, and mastered. Magic is a stable thing.

Until the Emergence changed all of that.

Our world is a new place, with new technologies. And these technologies, like electronics, interact with magic in ways that are unforeseen and unforeseeable. More, the Emergence happened just 14 years ago, and we are only now beginning to understand its effects and take advantage of the new opportunities magic affords us.

The first commercial technomage set up shop 11 years ago, but breadboard kits for technomages (suitable for quick-and-dirty devisements) are less than eight years old. Shadow walkers could read information from computers from the very first time they crossed over, but shrouds to protect that data weren’t developed for four years (about a decade ago). And shadowjacks, which revolutionized computer use and cracking, are just three years old.

This is a time of flux, of great discoveries and revolutions in magic, technology, and technomagic, and cracking is a large part of that.

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