GiTO: The Empty World

This is an empty world. 60% of the population died off in the rotting plague and the aftermath, which means 60% of the buildings stand empty. This is a world of ghost towns. Ghost cities.

Blocks of tenements, with no inhabitants. Libraries, filled with books, abandoned and crumbling, the books slowly rotting away. High rises, office buildings, movie theaters, schools, police stations, hospitals, churches, all stand empty and abandoned, their windows shattered, leaving black gaps like teeth missing from a smile.

The wind blows through empty rooms. Rain pounds down. The sun shines on fading paint.

Trash litters the floors. Posters about the plague, about refugee centers, about rationing and hygiene. Graffiti covers the walls.

Paint peels from the crumbling walls. Furniture lies discarded in corners. Empty boxes, DVD players, television sets, all lie about, useless and unused.

Cars line the streets, their tires collapsed, their windows cracked, their paint fading. Trash, detritus, lies thick on the streets. Weeds and plants grow up, through the pavement, green growth in the urban gray.

This is a world empty of humanity.

I’d like to say I thought all this up, that this world sprang solely from my own, sheer imagination. It’d be a lie.

These images of urban decay and abandoned streets were inspired by a photo book, a photographic record of a real city. A city that is abandoned and crumbling.

Not Pripyat, devastated by Chernobyl, as apt as that’d be, but Detroit. Modern day Detroit, in many ways, embodies the wilds of 2039 America.

Yes, to my everlasting shame, I took inspiration from real life. Here are some of the photos:


A library.


A high school classroom.


An apartment building.


A church.


Effects of the sun.


A house.


A bank vault.


A hallway.


Michigan Central Station.


A factory.


A street.

Of course, in GiTO, these buildings are not all abandoned. Squatters live here, lone nuts, small gangs, or tiny communities of refugees or Beyonders. Bloodgangs (organized eaters of humanity), feral eaters, random monsters from out a vortex, all live here. These empty city streets are not totally empty, and all the more dangerous thereby.

(See more images here:

3 thoughts on “GiTO: The Empty World”

  1. This is what happens when you let unions run the show and pay them whatever they ask just to appease them. Detroit is dead because of lack of foresight and union greed.

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