Trailer Fatigue

No, you’re not wrong, I really did see three movies, back to back yesterday: World War Z, Despicable Me 2, and Pacific Rim. (And no, WWZ isn’t a genre killer.) That includes watching three heaping helpings of various movie trailers.

What struck me most is this: all the spec-fic trailers look and sound pretty much alike. Specifically, World War Z, The Wolverine, and Seventh Son. They all feature (at the end of the trailers) quick scene changes, each marked by a sting of blaring, distorted music.

This is the point where a columnist or blogger would try and draw some kind of cosmic meaning from the coincidence (to transform their pedestrian scribblings into something IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL). They’d bemoan the lack of talent in modern Hollywood (absolutely not true; Hollywood is drenched in talent, what it lacks is character), or they’d declaim the creative bankruptcy of blah-blah-blah, or write peans to the wonderiffic trailers from days of yore. It’s all BS.

There is no deeper meaning to this, just a disappointing sameness that I’d never have noticed had I not seen so many trailers recently. It’s an oddity I thought I’d note.

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