Budofa Otaku

Budofa is a contraction of Budou Fantaji (“Martial Arts Fantasy”), a manga published in 2011. Budofa became a bestseller in Core Earth’s Japan, a true crossover hit. The series was translated into, at last count, 30 different languages and reprinted worldwide.

Budou Fantaji tells the story of the ronin Tenshi, a beautiful woman who dresses all in white (boots, jeans, turtleneck, trenchcoat). She arrives in Tokyo suddenly, during a rainstorm, pursued by several deformed Yokai. She is accidentally saved by a group of street punks, who carry her off into the night.

The series revolves around Gokuraku, an otherwordly realm much like Kamakura-era Japan, where The General (Shougun) has taken control of the Emperor and his family, and rules unjustly in their name. Wandering ronin, masters of fantastic martial arts, fight The General and his nobles (the Daimyo). Agents of The General had also crossed over into the real world and begun establishing his authority there.

In the end, Tenshi banishes The General’s agents from Japan, but at the cost of her life. Students of hers, including survivors of the original street gang, were taught martial arts, and carry out raids in Gokuraku.

Stylistically, Budofa shares a lot of elements with other martial arts manga. Its biggest proximate inspiration, however, is the flying swordsman wuxia stories of China. Budofa is, in many respects, a Japanification of wuxia.

This is no accident.

Nippon Tech is the Wuxia Reality, and Budofa is a relatively straightforward adaptation of the Reality. The devoted fanbase of the manga (and its anime) — called Budofa otaku — are all prime candidates to Support the Reality.

Note: Due to personal circumstances, this is my last “Countdown to Armageddon” post for a while. I do have several others written, and ideas for many more, but I’m unable to complete them right now.

I’ll resume the series as soon as possible.

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