Choosing Life

The edeinos religion is unplayable. Period.

Taken seriously — that is, if someone tried to roleplay its tenets, or a character who believed in them — the result would be a character who simply couldn’t interact with any other PC’s, or engage in the globe-travelling cosm-hopping that is the raison d’etre of Torg. For Storm Knights, I’ve rewritten the religion.

In fact, I’ve rewritten nearly all of the Living Land, to fix problems with the game mechanics, World Laws, and several other areas. Just recently, at the request of a fellow Torg fan, I compiled, edited, and posted all these rewrites. You can most easily find them here:

Revised Keta Kalles is about life and living it fully and well. It isn’t about sensualism or murdering people who use technology. (There is a bias against tools that aren’t alive, but edeinos have the ability to craft living tools, meaning they can have spears and such, made from living plants.)

Accordingly, these precepts — how to live a full and vibrant life — hold for the Temple of the First Mother, as it’s the religion Baruk Kaah created to create Supporters for his invasion. Some of the Templers do embrace a back-to-land ethos (the “Hipster Amish”), but it isn’t required.

What the Temple does preach is that focusing on material things takes you away from living your life. You should be running, swimming, talking with others, not polishing your car, buying a huge house, or playing video games. People can do those things, but it’s better to live life rather than focus on your things.

Yes, you own your possessions, but your possessions also own you. By choosing life, you also choose freedom.

2 thoughts on “Choosing Life”

  1. In the old-school edeinos’ favor, their religion is only about as ridiculous as any real-world religion, taken to a literalist extreme.

  2. My objection isn’t that it’s “unrealistic”, but that it’s unplayable. The only FX system in the cosm is miracles, and you can’t be an optant and remain a playable character.

    If you actually sincerely play the religion, you can’t ride on planes, cars, bikes… so how the hell do you travel from the US to Britain to France? (The path of the first module.)

    The de-facto method is to simply ignore the religion. So you end up playing a priest, who doesn’t follow his religion. That’s kind of lame.

    Keta Kalles needs to be changed, so people can actually play optants without violating their religion.

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