BuDoFa is a BFD!

Posted: 09-01-2015 | 3:15 PM

Ain’t It Great News Exclusive!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in LA, at McCormick’s Chinese Theater, on the red carpet, walking into the premiere showing of Budou Fantaji!!!!!!

The size of the crowd here is incredible. I never thought I’d see this many Americans coming out to see a subtitled, animated, foreign movie. BuDoFa really is a phenomenon.

I’m right behind “Aftermath’s” Kent Anderson, supposedly a rabid anime fan. (A little bird told AIGNews he’s up for the Mori Sadao part in the live action American adaptation. It’ll probably be shit, but…) He’s got some vapid starlet clinging to him.

Behind me is Gina Ferrari, giving an interview to “Celebrities Tonight”. What is up with her hat? Ren-fash, LOL!

I think I even saw Kaito-sama somewhere up front. I’ll try and talk to him, to thank him on behalf of all you Gorillas. AIG FoEvAh!!!!!!!

Going in now, have to put away the Blueberry. I’ll be twitting from inside the theater, as long as the ushers don’t catch me. Updates tonite!

See all you apes in the forums!

[Retrieved 03-JUL-2015 from web.archive.net. Original source: http://www.aintitgreatnewsblog.com ]

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