The Heritage of Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh Mobius doesn’t invade. He liberates.

He finds a downtrodden and oppressed ethnicity, and preaches to them liberation and vengeance. He uses his armies and Reality to lift them up and carry them to greatness. He has done this nine times before.

To a medieval England, chafing under the rule of the Franks. To Imperial China. To the Mongols. The Aztecs. And more.

He conquers their cosm, eradicates their Reality, and replaces it with his own. Medieval English pulp. Imperial Chinese pulp. Mongol horde pulp. Aztec pulp.

He then uses their armies to conquer the next cosm, to liberate the next downtrodden minority, to create his next empire.

His Empires are very much blood-and-soil 1930’s dictatorships. Each Empire is ruled by an Overgovernor, and Mobius rules the Overgovernors.

The National Heritage party believes in the ancient past of a subjugated Egypt. Believes that Egypt is weak because foreigners have used and abused her. Believes that a great ally shall appear, to lead Egypt back to greatness. It has come to power, because many other Egyptians believe the exact same thing.

Mobius isn’t a conqueror. He is a liberator. And the people of Egypt are ready to follow.

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