Gothic Victoriana and Vampires

Victoria is, oddly enough, Victorian. Literally. It’s the cosm of Victoriana, the Gothic Steampunk reality.

In Victoria, supernatural beings exist, but are hidden from the general populace. Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, mummies: all the mainstays of Victorian and Gothic fiction. More, spiritualism and occultism are strong elements (and there is no clear distinction between science and spiritualism).

It may seem depressingly straightforward, but promoting belief in occultism and Gothic monsters creates Supporters of the Reality. Hence, the events which lead to the interview.

I want to take a step back, however, and talk about Victoria.

In Storm Knights, Orrorsh is a peculiar Reality. It is the Reality of Fear, and can invade anywhere. See here: Orrorsh: The Reality of Fear.

Victoria, on the other hand, is not Orrorsh. Instead, it’s Gaea: what the cosm of Victoriana might have become, had not Orrorsh invaded and conquered it.

Victoria is, first and foremost, a Steampunk cosm. Torg lacked a Steampunk Reality, and adding one has been part of my plan since the beginning.

But just ripping off Steampunk wasn’t good enough, not for a game with Catholic Cyberpunk and ancient Egyptian pulp. It needed a twist. And enter the Gothics.

Victoria is not a Horror cosm. But it has elements of Gothic novels (generally accepted as a Horror genre) within it. In general, these elements are small and subtle: they add flavor to Steampunk, they don’t dominate it.

But when selling a cosm of Victorian Colonialism to former overseas colonies, those aspects are the easiest to promote. And doing so creates Supporters. Hence the events that lead to the interview.

3 thoughts on “Gothic Victoriana and Vampires”

  1. Does Victoria have clockwork zombies? Because for some reason I can picture them. Defiled bodies of the dead animated and controlled by a spike-shaped punch-card difference engine rammed into their brain through one eye. Powered by the decomposition of the corpse itself, meaning it rots faster when it pushes itself, but keeps in relative stasis when lying in wait (while the clock ticks down to activation).

    An alternative to gospog.

  2. Victoria doesn’t, but a “universal” Orrorshan Realm in Victoria definitely could. That’s the kind of demented, immoral research that “universal” Orrorsh’s Occult encourages and rewards.

  3. Demented? Immoral? The words of small-minded fools too frightened to understand true genius!

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