“Nessie” is a Dragon

High Lords should be brutal and effective villains, the kind who’ve read the Evil Overlord list and never do a single thing on it. (Whereas, in oTorg, the High Lords had all read the Evil Overlord list, and did every single thing on it as often as possible.) A lot of my effort in building the setting has been to make High Lords the dastardly villains they should be.

And I’m about to break that.

You see, this was an accident. Just an accident.

A Draconis Aquatica, an Ayslish sea dragon, was en route from Point A to Point B and accidentally capsized the boat. (Or nearly so.) It wasn’t part of some grand scheme, it wasn’t part of a secret plan to make people believe in magical monsters, it was just an accident.

Which happens. After all, even if the High Lord is a canny, ruthless, cunning villain, not all of his subordinates are. And even canny, ruthless bastards who have literally Conquered the World — more than once! — can make the odd mistake. Which is what happened here.


2 thoughts on ““Nessie” is a Dragon”

  1. Well… Mobius read the Evil Overlord list, made it a point to do everything on it, probably in alphabetical order, and doing so well enough that he got away with it. Because he’s Mobius. And because it’s not just about winning; it’s about winning with style.

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