“Aftermath” and Stealing an Invasion

The Living Land is the Lost Worlds reality. It is a technologically primitive, post-apocalyptic world, inhabited by tribal bands who worship the Goddess Lanala.

Part of their strategy for gaining Supporters is to encourage belief in the breakdown of civilization and technology. Media like “Mad Max”, “After Earth”, “Revolution”, “Oblivion”, and the fictional “Aftermath” all qualify.

Enter Tharkold.

Tharkold is the chief enemy of the Living Land and, in my campaign world, steals California from the Lost Worlds reality. But how is this possible? If High Lords needs Supporters to invade — and they do — where does Tharkold get its Supporters from?

Well, Tharkold is also a post-apocalyptic Reality. So, all the effort and energy the Living Land put into creating people who believe in such things, also created Supporters of Tharkold.

So when Tharkold invaded the West Coast, there were enough Supporters to support the realm.

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