Countdown to Armageddon

Time to get serious. Storm Knights + the ∞ Infinity Gaming System. After 13 years, this is going to happen.

I’m done redefining the various cosms, I’m done replumbing axioms, I’m done roughing out mechanics.

In short — I. Am. Done. Fucking. Around.

Three months. In three months is PAX, the Penny Arcade Expo, in Seattle. When I get back, we are playtesting this son of a bitch. Weekly or biweekly, over video chat in

9 Realities. 4 players. 1 campaign.

The next three months is about me getting my mechanics and campaign background into good enough shape to start running the game. Preliminary mechanics, sketched-in cosm writeups, rough draft FX systems.

And, of course, it will all be blogged. All the run-up, all the rough drafts, all the mechanical development.

Three months until…

Holes in time and space. Invaders from other cosms. Storms that warp Reality itself.

Three months until the end of the world.

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