Why Diablo III, Frankly, Sucked.

Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage on Diablo III. All I can say is that my memories of the first Diablo matched his, and why I enjoyed it is the same. As is why I didn’t enjoy Diablo III.

That’s how bad it was: I can’t even say I hated it. I just… nothinged it. It was the gaming equivalent of eating boiled paper: tasteless, unfilling, and lacking all nutritional value.

It did, however, make me hate always-online games. MMO fans are used to these, I suppose, but I’m not, other than some Borderlands II I play with my brother.

And after Diablo III, and seeing the much love aimed towards the latest SimCity, I can safely say that always-on gaming is a horrible, terrible, no-good, dumbo nothing idea. And the fact that the next Xbox will make it mandatory for everything…

The only people served by “always online” are the companies. It’s a horrible anti-feature for players. It only exists (in non-MMO and Deathmatch FPS’s) for the sake of DRM.

And, companies, your worries over used games (not even piracy anymore, used frickin’ games) isn’t a sufficient reason to cripple my play experience. I don’t have to buy your shit, and if always online is a feature, I won’t.

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