LucasArts is No More

The Star Wars software studio is no more. Read the (kind-of) sad news here.

My first reaction was to blame Disney. “Heartless corporation, blah, blah, blah.”

Then I remembered how long its been since LucasArts did anything worthwhile (the linked article has the dirty details). And how much they tried to force us to accept the deep-dish shit sandwich that is the Prologue Trilogy Era.

And the fact that the last great Star Wars games — Star Wars: Battlefront I and II — weren’t done by LucasArts. And the fact that, despite the two being the best-selling Star Wars games in history, how the studio never managed to produce a proper next-gen* (X-Box 360 and PS3) followup to the two, even after 8 years.

The studio died of its own incompetence.

And then I felt alright. Failure should have consequences. Too many incompetent businesses stumble on, protected from the ugly realities of failure by their corporate masters.

It’s good that this one example of failure should be allowed to fail. They’ve been coasting for over a decade. It was time to put the nag out of its misery.

LucasArts had become Old Yeller, I realized, and Disney shot it. And then I was happy.

(*Why do we still call the 360 and PS3 “next-gen”, when they’re on the verge of becoming last-gen? Makes no damn sense.)

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