The Infinity ∞ Files, An Omni-Genre Campaign

The Infinity Gaming System is an omni-genre system, it supports playing in the fantasy, cyberpunk, and pulp genres, as well as many others. The setting construction rules (see Chapter 10, “Building Better Worlds”) allow for defining how each individual setting works in terms of Development Ratings (Tech, Social, Magic, Spirit, Psi) as well as Setting Rules, which customize the game’s mechanics to more closely emulate the desired genre.

The Infinity Files is an omni-genre campaign. It is designed is to make available many different settings, many different genres, all in one game. You can play in any genre, or be from any genre, all at the same time. A party can have a wizard from a fantasy world, a pulp super, a cybered gladiator, and a Federal agent from our world, all adventuring together.

All adventuring together in another Reality. Hunting insane cultists attempting to summon the avatar of a Dark God (for example). Sailing on an ethership to the giant Aether maelstrom in the middle of the chunks of the destroyed fifth planet between Mars and Jupiter. Or taking sides in a battle between Greek and Trojan demigods outside the walls of Troy.

In The Infinity Files, you can adventure on any one of an infinite number of worlds. (Including the other Infinity Gaming System settings.) The mechanics of the game make this possible.

Infinity Files Adventures

The Infinity Files is designed as an episodic campaign. (In TV terms, it would be a “Weirdness of the Week” show, like Supernatural or X-Files.) The default adventure template is:

A portal opens (beginning an incursion), weird stuff happens, the PC’s find out and investigate.

This basic formula can be expanded: Someone else was sent first, that team was eliminated. The players investigate.

It can be averted: What was thought to be an incursion, wasn’t. Instead it was LSD in the water.

It can even be subverted: Our world is leaking into another. The PC’s meet a team from that other world.

It can revolve around an incursion that happened in 1960, 60 AD, or 660 BC, or will happen tomorrow, next month, or next year.

But in each case the game revolves around portals, alternate Realities, and the ensuing incursions.

[Continued in Part III.]

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