The Infinity ∞ Files

There are a few settings I’m building for use with Infinity:

  • Dead Man’s Land, where you are the zombie.
  • Altered States, (now) an alt-history urban fantasy technothriller (spies + techno-magic, in an alternate Earth).
  • Age of Legends, an urban fantasy superhero setting where the fallen Powers of an ancient age of wonders fight to regain their former glory.
  • And Storm Knights, my variant Torg campaign setting.

But what about the game itself? Is there a default setting, one that showcases the system and allows for all the coolness built in? (Magic + miracles + psionics + weird tech + …)

Yes. The setting is called The Infinity Files.

There are Earths beyond imagining, all different. Magic works in some, gods walk the Earth in others, and in many superheroes are real.

There are natural portals that exist between these worlds, portals that you can use to travel from Earth to Earth, assuming you can find the way. These portals allow the natural laws of one Earth to bleed over into another.

On our world, when a portal opens, magic may suddenly become real. Or wushu martial arts may become possible. Or maltheistic Divinities from beyond space and time may start to whisper to the weak and insane, speaking of dark rituals that will end the world…

Then, when the portal closes, all this goes away.

Throughout history, portals have opened across the face of our world. Beings and monsters from alien places have crossed over, and wreaked immeasurable havoc. And from the time the first portals opened, there were those who fought to protect our world.

Solitary madmen, small cults obsessed with other times and other places, and obscure government agencies and their coldly ruthless operatives — all have investigated the portals, fought against the horrors they brought, and even crossed into the worlds beyond. They have gone by many names, existed in many cultures, and most have ended badly, their cadre destroyed while fighting just one more incursion from another world. These are our protectors.

Here, in the modern world of 2013, the primary organization of protectors is a firm called Infinity, Incorporated. A joint government-industrial endeavor, Infinity, Inc. has records going back to prehistory, files and artifacts that speak of other Earths and their incursions, including files and artifacts from alien Earths.

Calling on the vast store of knowledge contained in these files, Infinity, Inc. dispatches agents all over the globe, to investigate portals and attempt to close them. Lately, this has become a monumental task.

More portals are opening up than ever, and to worlds no portal has previously touched. Dark worlds. Alien worlds. Worlds that can hardly be said to be Earths at all.

Our protectors are failing. The portals are opening wider, threatening to spill a tide of alien realities across the planet. And with the portals torn wide open, armies from other worlds can emerge to conquer our Earth.

You are agents of Infinity, Inc. The world stands on the brink. To save it, you must tap into the vast reservoir of knowledge located within The Infinity Files.

[Continued in Part II.]

3 thoughts on “The Infinity ∞ Files

  1. Aaaand… these Infinity agents might even sometimes recruit people who stepped through one of these portals, seeing as they have nowhere else to go. Perhaps an aging professor of anthropology who is used to a world that is still in the 1920’s, but is experienced in using his knowledge to thwart the forces of cosmic horrors. Or a former cop from a world being destroyed by a zombie plague; fortunately the strange disease ravaging his body doesn’t seem to be communicable on our Earth.

  2. Absolutely. I discuss that option in Part II (due tomorrow):

    A party can have a wizard from a fantasy world, a pulp super, a cybered gladiator, and a Federal agent from our world, all adventuring together.

    When dealing with threats from other Earths, natives of those worlds are excellent sources of information. (Plus fun to play.)

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