FAQ Force Five (Destiny Rules FAQ, Part 5)


Q. Why not just go first and Hold Action every round?

A. The Initiative language is being revised for 0.2a. It should address this.

Movement and Actions

Q. I don’t understand how movement works.

A. Movement rules are being revised for 0.2a.

The Rules

Q. Where can I get a copy of these rules?

A. For those involved in the playtest, the 0.1a version of the rules is available in the Yahoo Group, in the Files section. For everyone else, the rules are listed in the various posts tagged Destiny Game Mechanics.

When release 0.2a is finished, I’ll make it available as a general download and post links to it.


Q. Are you actually paying attention to feedback?

A. Yes, very much so. Even when I decided to keep (or decline to alter) a criticized mechanic, I’m still tracking how it works. It the criticism appears valid, I am open to changing it. Indeed, such changes could appear without warning.

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