Dead Man’s Land: You Are the Zombie

This is the end of the world. The Star Wormwood appeared in the night skies. The moon turned red, rains fell as blood, rivers ran scarlet, and the dead came to life and attacked the living.

This is the Zombie Apocalypse. And you are a Zombie.

They call you “carriers”, people infected with the zombie plague. Still rational, still living, not yet cannibals, nevertheless you are slowly dying.

But by bit, the plague is eating away at your humanity, killing you by inches, turning you into one of the millions of mindless walking corpses that throng the cities of the south. And as it does so, you become more like them.

Tougher. Faster. Able to sense their presence. Able to hide among them. Able to see through their eyes. Able to regenerate damage, by feeding on flesh. (Not necessarily human.) But sometimes, there is this rage and hunger…

You are becoming one of them.

Your goals are simple: Survive the wastes. Fight the hordes. Cure your disease. Nothing else matters.

North, in the high mountains and cold climates, are Sanctuaries, cities of uninfected humans. You are infected, so cannot dwell there, but their very survival depends on your kind.  You alone can brave the wastes between the Sanctuaries and the zombie hives. You alone have nothing to fear from the plague, nothing to fear from zombie bites or zombie attacks…

Except dying from them. Which is happening already.

Those vast, abandoned lands between the Sanctuaries and the cities are your domain, the domain of dead men walking. They call this place Dead Man’s Land.

The Game of Living Zombies

Dead Man’s Land is the game of Living Zombies. Currently under development by Jasyn Jones, it’s a zombie apocalypse campaign setting written specifically for the ∞ Infinity Gaming System.

It features the same action-movie heroics as other ∞ Infinity campaigns, in a horror setting where zombies have destroyed the world. Packed with secrets to discover and causes to fight for or against, Dead Man’s Land is a zombie apocalypse where you are becoming one of the walking dead.

4 thoughts on “Dead Man’s Land: You Are the Zombie”

  1. I like the premise of this setting. It has a lot of potential parallels to real-world issues, like prejudices. I’m specifically thinking of prejudice against returning soldiers, the feeling that those who have gone into the valley of the shadow of death and returned bring that shadow with them, forever tainted. That there are a class of people who are needed, relied upon, but will never again be allowed back at the warm hearth with civilized people.

    And their delicious civilized brains… braaaaiiiinnnnssss……

  2. I read this yesterday which I found to be a little weird now, seeing as it’s post date is today. This is an interesting campaign setting that I would love to be a part of.

    If I could, I would name my character “Shane grimes” lol

  3. Well, Sanctuaries block carriers not because of prejudice, but because they carry the plague. Plus, there’s no telling when they will go full zombie, and become a mindless killing machine.

    (That’s one of the themes of the game. As you lose your humanity, the more superhuman you become, the bigger an ass-kicker. But the more likely it is that you will go full zombie and become an NPC killing machine.)

    Carriers have their own settlements, called Colonies, in the wastes. There, they can engage in trade, get jobs, and in general maintain civilization as best they can.

    There’s also outposts where carriers and the uninfected can meet. The uninfected hire carriers for jobs in the wastes or the hives (slang for a zombie infested city). They hire them to rescue people, to find loved ones, to scavenge for supplies or equipment, or to run refineries, power plants, and other infrastructure, to keep Sanctuaries supplied with power and fuel. (Of course, carriers sell that to each other as well.)

    The Sanctuaries need carriers, but can’t let them inside their walls. It’s a practical function of the disease.

    Which isn’t to say that carriers are loved. They are the ultimate example of the Unclean or Untouchables. Acknowledged, rewarded, but segregated. An odd situation.

  4. You could also make the example of the Fallout series where you run around do jobs and going into places where people are to much of a chicken to go.

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