The Office for Strategic Analysis (OSA) [Part I]

The Office for Strategic Analysis is a Federal United States intelligence, research, and special operations directorate. In 2032 (“present” for the campaign), it is the only US intelligence service still functioning.

OSA was founded to predict future trends and develop contingency plans for the Federal Government to respond to predicted events. Gradually it began to directly address the predicted crises, taking steps no other government agency could.

Lead by the enigmatic Director, the OSA has a small group of highly trained agents, divided into Special Task Squads, that travel the globe protecting the interests of the nearly-Balkanized United States of America. Though the agency’s focus is world-wide, the most critical oncoming crisis is the looming war with Aztlan. The agency predicts a war with former Mexico within the next two years, a war the US cannot survive.


In 2010, just before the Red Days (VITAS in America) began, a Pentagon planning group met with the stated purpose of either preventing or recovering from the kind of chaos that followed VITAS as it spread across the globe. It was given the unwieldy name of the Emergency Military Supplies Acquisition Program (EMSAP). EMSAP developed Reclamation, the plan to restore military and civilian infrastructure after the Collapse, and the commodity rationing plan that provided much of America food, power, and warmth throughout the last few months of 2010 and nearly all of 2011.

Reclamation, as the effort became known, was transferred to state authority in early 2012, after the military became embroiled in fighting the NAN War. Anti-insurgency units, recalled from Afghanistan and Iraq, had been key in Reclamation, and those units formed the backbone of the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains assault forces. They also suffered the highest casualties.

During the conflict, EMSAP itself coordinated with various governors to keep the front-line troops supplied. As supplies of key parts ran low, they began the effort to retrieve stores from Diego Garcia, Germany, and surviving supply caches in Afghanistan and Iraq.

After the Night of Ghosts in late 2012, the President negotiated the Treaty of Wounded Knee, and the surrender to the NAN forces. In the aftermath, the impoverished Federal government was forced to demobilize the national military structure, gutted by the war. Responsibility for maintaining military forces fell on state governments, and many cashiered soldiers and officers joined the National Guard and state militias (as well as Private Military Companies and other mercenary organizations).

EMSAP transitioned into a purely predictive role, providing incredibly accurate strategic, economic, and political forecasts for governors and the President. It was during this time that the mysterious Director came to command EMSAP. Under his auspices it became the OSA, the Office for Strategic Analysis.

(Note: Read Part II here.)

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