One Perfect Thing

A note about process, before I dive into the meat. Whenever I’m building a setting, I find myself floundering about until I can identify or create one perfect thing, that one thing which is exactly what it should be. This one perfect thing serves as the kernel of the setting, a solid core around which everything else can be built.

In the case of my revised Tharkold, it was the technomagical virtual-reality Grid. In my Tharkold, the Grid is exactly what it needs to be. Its origin, as a work of technomagic, perfectly matches its nature, in an easily explicable way. More, its nature delineates what all technomagic is or can be. In turn, technomagic underlies the history of the cosm, its mythos, and the nature of technodemons and technohorrors. By getting the Grid right, it ensures that the cosm I build around it is coherent and comprehensible.

By identifying and developing (and, in most cases, overdeveloping) that one perfect thing, it allows me to build the rest of the setting with confidence, confidence that everything fits together, that everything belongs, that everything makes sense.

So, what is the one perfect thing for Storm Knights? Possibility Energy.

Possibilities sit at the core of the game. They are what High Lords are here to steal. Reality storms liberate them, Storm Knights are empowered by them, and Eternity Shards thrum with their power. Possibility Energy underlies the Everlaws, Reality, and the game’s cosmology.

Get Possibilities right, and the rest of the setting follows.

2 thoughts on “One Perfect Thing”

  1. Hi, Scott. Welcome to the House!

    Tharkold is a small piece of a much bigger setting, the Possibility Wars (as seen in the Torg RPG, from 1990). I haven’t finished my revamp of Torg, so I haven’t yet run the revised Tharkold in play.

    But it looks good so far. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, feel free to subscribe via RSS or email. Cheers!

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