The Beginning

There’s a few inter-related topics this blog will cover:

  • My Storm Knights campaign setting (based on the Torg RPG).
  • Infinity, (more properly the Infinity Gaming System), my own little action-movie RPG, the game engine for Storm Knights.
  • Dead Man’s Land, a nanotech zombie apocalypse campaign, also built for Infinity (but adaptable for nearly any system one chooses).
  • Altered States, my Alt-History Technothriller Shadowrun campaign, also being written for Infinity.

One game system and three campaigns being written for it (so far), that’s the subject of this blog. The “Categories” and “Tags” sections contain links to all the posts in each project, so people will find it easier to begin at the beginning.

Right now, we’re brand spanking new, so everything currently posted is the most basic of basics, intended to introduce people to the above four topics. As such, it’s a little sparse.

As the blog slowly grows (that is, as I post new material), each of these topics will be fleshed out. Those interested can subscribe via RSS, to keep abreast of new posts.

So subscribe, read, and enjoy. Comment, if you’ve the desire. And welcome to Jasyn’s House of Gaming.

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